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Digital Keyboard, NP-30, Yamaha -

■ Data for the demo song and piano preset songs cannot be transmitted via MIDI. ■ Since MIDI data that can be transmitted or received varies depending on the type of MIDI device, check the “MIDI Implementation Chart” to find out what MIDI data and commands your devices can transmit or receive. The MIDI Implementation Chart appears on page 32.■ When connecting the NP-30/YNP-25 to a computer, first turn off the power to both the NP-30/YNP-25 and the computer before connecting any cables. After making connections, turn on the power to the computer first, then to the NP-30/YNP-25.■ When the NP-30/YNP-25 is used as...

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MX88, Yamaha -

3 MIDI [IN]/[OUT] terminalsMIDI [IN] is for receiving control or performance data from another MIDI device.MIDI [OUT] is for transmitting all control, performance and playback data from this instrument to another MIDI device. 4 USB terminalsThere are two different types of USB terminals, and the rear panel of the instrument features both.The USB [TO HOST] terminal is used to connect this instrument to the computer via a USB cable and allows you to transfer MIDI data and audio data between the devices. For information about the Port handled by the instrument, refer to the “Reference Manual” PDF document.The USB [TO...

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