FAQ - DigitalLife SP01 Auto Soap Dispenser

What is the Power Source of the SP01?
When should I change the Battery? 
When should I refill the soap tank?
What kind of soaps can I use in SP01? 
What should I do if my SP01 pump is clogged?
A: Before we answer this question, we should understand why the soap pump is clogged in the first place. The two most commonly realized reasons are as follows:

1. Wrong soap type: usually happens with foam soap dispensers. Since there is a foaming net in the pump, if high viscosity liquid soap is used, the foaming net might be blocked which caused the foam soap pump clogged.

If incorrect soap type is the reason of clogged pump, depending on the condition of the current pump, user may simply clean/rinse off the remaining incorrect soap in the pump or change to a new foam soap pump.

2. Infrequent usage: this issue occurs more often with liquid soap as the viscosity is relatively high, and after unused for a while the soap may dry up and hardened inside the pump. If this is the case, use clean running water to wash out the remaining soap may solve the problem.


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