DigitalLife CB-35ZRLZ-12MM-M1 3.5mm-R/L Stereo Audio Cable(1.2m,Male/Male, Black)

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DigitalLife CB-35ZRLZ-12MM-M1 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable (M/M)
- Perfect for Home Audio Systems, Smartphone, Speakers, Headphones, Hi-Fi, MP3 Player and other audio playing Device

A layer of shielding to reduce interference from surrounding devices, the DigitalLife 3.5 mm to RCA Cable is a great way to enjoy music from a variety of devices. 3.5mm male to 2RCA plugs stereo audio cable  allows you to connect your iPhone, iPod, audio streaming device, MP3 player, CD player, Smartphone, tablet, or any audio device with 3.5mm headphone jack to your office, or home stereo audio system

Golded Plated Connector + Oxygen Free Copper + Double Shielded Design
■ Gold-plated connectors: Corrosion resistant gold plating keeps connectors clean for years of clear audio
■ Oxygen Free Copper: provide superior stereo audio transmission without signal loss and noise, deliver clear clean sound
■ Nylon braided: rovides additional protection to avoid bent damage and extend the lifetime of the RCA audio cable

■ 3.5mm Male Jack to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable
■ Converts 2 RCA audio (left and right) to standard 3.5mm audio
■ Slimline connector molding designed for use with portable devices
■ Molded connectors with strain relief
■ Gold-plated connector

Software and Manual Download
DigitalLife CB-35ZRLZ-12MM-M1 FAQ