Digitallife EC-2 Guitar Capo

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EC-2 Designed for 6-String Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar and Ukulele

IMPORTANT: Capos come in different sizes.  Get a classical guitar capo if you play classical guitar.

There’s nothing worse than hearing that annoying fret buzz caused by a poor-quality guitar capo when you’re on stage. Capos that don't apply enough pressure to an acoustic guitar's strings will have fret buzz. Those that apply too much can have dead strings and quickly pull the strings out of tune. There is often a bit of time required fussing around to find the balance between clean sounding strings and not having the guitar capo jammed so close to the fret that it interferes with the hand on the neck of the guitar. You should be able to perform or practice with confidence.



  • Adapts to curvature in every position, on any neck 
  • Distributes pressure is evenly over the fingerboard
  • Unrivaled tuning stability, even up the neck
  • Unique Tension Control System
  • Near-infinite adjustment and an easy, one-handed action
  • Silicone wrap-around rubber eliminates tone deadening
  • Protects against dangerous metal to wood contact 
  • beautiful silver finish


A capo is a small clamp-like object that is meant to be clipped onto any fret of the guitar, in turn, shortens the length of the strings, which increases the intonation of the sounds made

How to use a Capo for Guitar?
Using a capo is extremely easy, all you need to do is clip it onto any fret you like and start playing!.

DigitalLife Clamp Guitar Capo is a Triggered Capo
-Acoustic guitar trigger capo

Triggered capos work slightly differently than spring loaded capos.

A triggered capo has two padded bars. The first padded bar sits on top of the strings and the other one has a rounded shape and sits on the neck of the guitar.

Rather than being spring loaded the triggered capo opens right out and is loose until you pull the trigger. So you set the string bar across the strings, place the neck bar on the back of the neck and then squeeze the trigger until it locks in place.

Relatively compact when locked in place compared with the spring loaded
Once you get your desired tension fairly quick to get on and off.