DigitalLife MD1001 USB IN-OUT MIDI Cable Converter - 1.8m

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The easiest way to kick start your Home Recording Studio, and just connect your MIDI Keyboard, Synthesizer, or Electronic Drum, MIDI Piano etc. and start using it as a MIDI Controller. The DigitalLife (Model No.: MD1001) MIDI Cable helps you do the job right without harassing efforts.

It's ready for you to start making MIDI recordings in your favourit DAW (Cubase, or Sonar etc. ) or MIDI recording Softwares.The  DigitalLife MD1001 helps you builing a mini music studio within several steps. Within minutes you can edit and mix your music directly on your computer. The adapter is powered via the USB port with power and no drivers are required. The adapter supports 16 incoming and 16 outgoing MIDI channels.


■ The MIDI Cable Does not work for USB-C Computer.
■ Strongly suggest to connect the USB plug to the same USB port of your computer.
■ Put the MIDI-USB Cable away from Radios and TVs which may cause the Interference.

■ Connect the cable marked "In" to "Out" on MIDI keyboard, "Out" to "In" on MIDI keyboard.
■ Plug the USB to computer, LED indicator will show the power on.
■ Open music software program.
■ Set the DAW/Software MIDI IN/OUT device to USB-Audio-Device.
USB MIDI Interface is now ready for use.