DigitalLife MERGE-5 5 MIDI Input 2 MIDI Output Support USB Power

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The MIDI MERGE-5 box (hereinafter referred to as the product) can combine up to 5 MIDI input signals (such as a MIDI keyboard or controller) into one MIDI data stream, which can be output through two MIDI interfaces. Support the combination of various standard MIDI commands, including MIDI clock, MIDI time code and SysEx, etc.

Note:Support MIDI SysEX commands, and all standard MIDI messages and commands!

  • 1. Model: MERGE-5
  • 2. Dimensions: 115 x 73 x 33 mm
  • 3. Weight: 210g
  • 4. Used for 5 MIDI input, 2 MIDI pass-through output, using hardware pass-through, no interference, no delay
  • 5. Compatible with all standard MIDI commands