Digitallife MD06 | 4-IN / 4-OUT MIDI Interface with (Merge, Through)

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DigitalLife USB MIDI Interface- MIDI 4X4 Splitter- 4-In-4-Out Controller Music Box

  • 4-in/4-out MIDI interface (64 discrete MIDI input channels, 64 discrete MIDI output channels)

  • MIDI Controller Box - Suitable for multiple MIDI devices such as synthesisers, drum machines and any peripheral device with a midi input

  • MIDI activity indicator for each port MIDI Interface 4x4 - with MIDI activity indicator for each port indicates when inputs/outputs are in use

  • USB Bus-Powered MIDI Box MIDI Merge - Support Windows 10/8/7 & Mac OS

  • 64 Channel MIDISport - Simulataneously connect multiple MIDI devices to you compture.

If you're working with MIDI hardware, eventually you'll need a way to connect all your instruments together. The DigitalLife MIDIBOX 4×4 is a MIDI interface offering flexible signal routings and dependable connections to keep your music productions moving forward.

Connect the DigitalLife MIDIBOX 4×4 to your computer using a USB type-B cable, and the behavior you get is essentially what many modern Electronic Musicians have learned to expect from a bus powered MIDI interface.

DigitalLife MIDIBOX addresses a total of 64 discrete channels of MIDI I/O via USB, allowing you to simultaneously connect a variety of MIDI devices. Bus-powered architecture provides the option of totally mobile operation. 

MIDI Basics

MIDI is a single-direction communications protocol. Therefore, a single MIDI jack can either transmit or receive MIDI data. To send MIDI from a keyboard to your computer, connect the keyboard’s MIDI Out jack to your MIDI interface’s MIDI In jack.

MIDI Thru was found on keyboards when extensive MIDI daisy chains were common and latency was an issue. Back then, a device’s MIDI Out would not necessarily reproduce what came in on the MIDI In jack. To send MIDI on to another device in the series, you’d connect the MIDI Thru of the first sound module to the MIDI In of the next.

Merging Rules
You may find it useful to have an understanding of the following rules which the
Merge uses when handling certain types of MIDI data. The Merge defines one of the 2 inputs as the master input for each of the following data types. One input may be the master for one or more data types whilst a different input may be the master for another data type.

DigitalLife MD06 FAQ