DigitalLife MR-1 MIDI To RTP MIDI Network MIDI Box

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The MIDI network box MR-1 can be used as a gateway for MIDI interface devices, which can communicate with the computers in the network through the Ethernet RTP-MIDI interface. Computers in the network, such as Windows, MacBook, mobile phones, etc., can communicate with the product; in addition, MR-1 can also be directly controlled by any other Ethernet RTP-MIDI device, such as the main keyboard or DAW controller, without having to Use computers in the network path.


Model  MR-1
Size (L x W x H) 84*50*36mm
Weight  100g

5 Pin IN/OUT, Ethernet Port

Power Supply voltage 5V~9VDC, adapter not included.
Compatibility Compatible with musical instruments with MIDI standard interface

1. Convert a device with a MIDI interface into a network MIDI device;
2. Ethernet interface: standard Ethernet RTP-MIDI interface, which can be connected to Windows, MacBook, mobile phones, etc.;
3. With network communication indicator, the operation is more intuitive;
4. Compatible with all musical instruments with MIDI standard interface.

Power Supply
Power the network MIDI box (MR-1) (power supply supports 5-9VDC/0.5A). Power adapter not included.

Suggested software for MIDI Network Configure with DigitalLife MR-1 :

  • Windows: RTP MIDI plug-in
  • IOS: MIDI Network (Search on App Store)
  • Mac OS: Mac OS itself can be used for MIDI network settings, here is the Guide.
  • Android: There are relatively few network MIDI software on Android devices. At present, it is found that the software with network MIDI function is TouchDAW, which is divided into a free trial version and paid version, which can be downloaded on Google Play. System requirements: Android 4.0 and above

1 x MR-1 Box, 1 x network cable, 1 x power conversion cable



  1. How to configure MIDI Network on Windows with DigitalLife MR-1?