DigitalLife MIDI-SP01 MIDI 5 Pin DIN Male to Dual 2 x DIN-5 Female Splitter Cable [0.5M]

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  • [ONE IN TWO OUT MIDI SPLITTER] - Split output midi singal to two midi device in midi chain. Such as mixers, keyboards, drum pads etc. [NOTE : Too many midi chain might cause signal loss]
  • [INTERFACE] - Dual 5 pin din female jack to 5pin din male jack.
  • [NOISE SHIELDED] - Prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable.
  • [RUGGED DURABILITY] - Nickel-plated din contacts. Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity on the midi cable.


  • 5-Pin Din 1 Male to 2 Female cable is designed for connecting a CD player, VCR, DVD, Phono or LD to Din input of Bang and Olufsen, Naim, Quad or any other Stereo equipment with Din 5 connector.


  • AT / MIDI Connect Cable Premium 5-Pin DIN Cables quickly and easily link up your PC/AT keyboards, MIDI instruments, or legacy analog audio devices,such as mixers, keyboards, recording devices, microphones, drum pads, and other musical instruments.