Collection: Howto - DigitalLife AV202-B USB Audio Grabber

Caution!!! This product does not support the copying or forwarding of audio content protected by patents. Such audio is subject to commercial patent protection. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution may lead to legal consequences. Please respect intellectual property rights and refrain from engaging in any activities that violate patent protections.

How to Install the AV202-B USB Audio Capture Device for Optimal Performance?

Installation is a breeze! Simply connect the DigitalLife AV202-B to your device and PC. Next, launch your favorite app on the computer and configure the settings appropriately (Different app may have distinct settings, please refer to the instructions of the software you are using).

How to Convert Old Cassette Tapes to MP3 Using DigitalLife AV202-B?

Connect the 3.5mm or R/L interface of the DigitalLife AV202-B to your device, then run the software for audio capture (Make sure to configure the app settings beforehand).

How to Capture and Edit Stereo Audio Before Transferring to Portable Players?


How to Transfer Minidisc Player Audio to Digital Formats with AV202-B


How to Digitize AM/FM Radio Music to MP3 Using the AV202-B?


How to Safely Convert RCA (R/L) Audio Sources to MP3 on PC/Mac


How to Save Recorded Audio Feeds in Different Formats (MP3 and WAV)?


How to Troubleshoot Common Issues with the AV202-B?


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