DigitalLife 2i/1o MIDI Merge Box - 5-Pin DIN, MERGE-II

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Model No.: MERGE-II
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The DigitalLife MERGE-2 Merge Box is a useful tool of MIDI hardware interconnectivity. It has 2 x MIDI DIN-5 inputs and 1 x output ports, as well as a 1 x USB Type-B port for power supply. It combine up to 2 X MIDI input signals (such as a MIDI keyboard or controller) into 2 X MIDI data stream without any noticeable delay, which can be output through two MIDI interfaces. The signals include MIDI clock, MIDI time code and SysEx, etc.


■ The perfect way to merge 2 x MIDI sources to 1 destinations
■ Interfaces: MIDI I/O - 2 x In, 1 x Out, 1 x USB Type-B Power Supply Socket
■ Merges MIDI clock, MIDI Timecode, and SysEx with minimal latency
■ Power by 1 x USB Type-B Socket (Nearly 500mA of Bus Power, So external Power Adapter is Not Included.)
■ Backed by a 2-Year DigitalLife Warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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Documents Download

■ MERGE-II Manual (v1.0 - Multi-Language)