Is BM1003 compatible with Roland VA-7?

Compatiability note
Though Music Styles for previous Roland arranger instruments can be used with the VA-7/VA-5, Performance Memories (G-1000) or User programs (EM-2000) are not compatible.

General MIDI 2
The upwordly compatible General MIDI 2 recommendations pick up where the original General MIDI left off, offering enhanced expressive capabilities, and even greater compatibility. Issues that wree not covered by the original General MIDI recommendations, such as how sounds are to be edited, and how effects should be handled, have now been precisely defined. Moreover, the available sounds have been expanded. General MIDI 2-Compliant sound generators are capable of reliably playing back music files that carry either the General MIDI or General MIDI2 Logo. In some cases, the conventional form of General MIDI, which does  not include the new enhancments, is refrred to as "General MIDI I" as a way of distinguishining it from General MIDI 2.

Note: Only the VA-7/VA-5's Song Composer is fully GM2 compatible.

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