DigitalLife MID Interface with Yamaha SY77 & Digital Performer DAW

I have bought a digital life MIDI interface to connect my Yamaha SY77 keyboard to my Mac M1. As DAW I use Digital Performer (and only it, so I cannot try with another DAW). From the SY77 I can record the MIDI in the DAW, but the DAW does not transmit back the data to the SY77 (so no sound). I cannot understand what is the problem. My settings seem all correct in the SY77, in the DAW and in the Audio MIDI setup of the Mac. What I am missing?


The GarageBand for mac can be an optional App for the DigitalLife MIDI Interface.

Since the Yamaha SY77 can record with DigitalLife MIDI Interface, the USB-MIDI Interface's functions well. Let's check the

1. Hardware Connection - Yamaha SY77 - Manual (PDF)
The DigitalLife USB-MIDI Interface's Out Connect MIDI Instrument's MIDI IN.

2. Check the configuration of USB MIDI Interface as default output. Reference of the DP manual - Configuring Audio Devices


If Digital Performer detects an audio
interface or sound card with more than two
inputs/outputs connected to your computer
(and its driver is installed), DP uses it for
audio input and output. Otherwise, it uses
your computer’s built-in audio (or whatever
you’ve chosen in your system sound settings).
If you disconnect your audio interface,
Digital Performer reverts to the computer’s
built-in audio, then back again when you
reconnect your interface. You can also
explicitly choose a specific audio interface or
sound card, as explained in the next section.

3.5mm Audio Jack

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