U2AUDIO7-1 Headphone Output Issue

■ How to use "HEADPHONES" & "FRONT" correctly?

Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 External 7.1 Sound Box is featured rather complicated functions from 2 channel to 7.1 channels. But we do strongly suggest you use HEADPHONES & FRONT. All of them are configurated by the Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1's "USB Multi-Channel Audio Device" setting panel.

Suggested Settings using Headphone.

System Input: 2CH
DSP Mode: Active on "7.1 Virtual" & "Xear"
Analog Output: Headphone
S/PDIF Output: Off

■ Both of the "HEADPHONES" & "FRONT" have no sound out of the Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1.

Reply - Windows Media Player does not support your media file. Please download codec or directly use vlc as your media palyer.

■ Cannot get sound from "HEADPHONES", but "FRONT" has sound signals.

Reply - This case happens on macOS X since presently Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 has no macOS driver to fulfil 2.1 - 7.1 different media files. So we are also expecting C-Media can make it out as earliy as possible.



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