Collection: Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 Headphone Output Issue

How to use "HEADPHONES" & "FRONT" correctly?

Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 External 7.1 Sound Box is featured rather complicated functions from 2 channel to 7.1 channels. But we do strongly suggest you use HEADPHONES & FRONT. All of them are configurated by the Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1's "USB Multi-Channel Audio Device" setting panel.

Suggested Settings using Headphone.

System Input: 2CH
DSP Mode: Active on "7.1 Virtual" & "Xear"
Analog Output: Headphone
S/PDIF Output: Off

Both of the "HEADPHONES" & "FRONT" have no sound out of the Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1.

Reply - Windows Media Player does not support your media file. Please download codec or directly use vlc as your media palyer.

Cannot get sound from "HEADPHONES", but "FRONT" has sound signals.

Reply - This case happens on macOS X since presently Digitallife U2AUDIO7-1 has no macOS driver to fulfil 2.1 - 7.1 different media files. So we are also expecting C-Media can make it out as earliy as possible.