Collection: XLR-A600 FAQ

How does the XLR-A600 work without power?

Transformers have been around since the dawn of electricity. They are passive devices that typically have a primary and secondary coil with a metal core inside that concentrates the magnetic field so that the current coming in the primary is produced at the secondary via a magnetic bridge. Because they are so efficient, they can pass low level audio signals without the need of power.

Can 48V phantom power harm the XLR-A600?

 - No. The internal transformer will ignore it and block the phantom power from going further upstream.

Can I use the XLR-A600 with a ¼” unbalanced signal?

- Yes. Simply make up a cable adaptor using the pin-2 XLR as the hot connected to the tip of the ¼” jack. Note that the unbalanced signal will drop in level by about 6dB. Simply increase the gain at the receive end to make up the lost level.

Can I use the XLR-A600 like a direct box with an unbalanced input and a balanced output?

Yes. As described above, simply use pin-1 for the ground and pin-2 for the plus. Since it is not specifically designed for instruments, the source must be buffered, as found in a keyboard or active bass. A better choice would be one of the many Radial direct boxes.

Where in the signal chain should I position the XLR-A600?

- The XLR-A600 could be placed anywhere in the signal chain.

Can I use the XLR-A600 with a hi-fi system to eliminate noise?

- Yes. However there are products on the market such as the Jensen® Iso-Max CI-2RR that are already equipped with RCA connectors which are easier to use!