DigitalLife AUA2D01 2i/1o Digital to Analog Converter

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Brand: DigitalLife
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Model No.: AUA2D01
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The DigitalLife AUD2A01 Toslink/Optical SPDIF to RCA Audio Converter allows you to convert a 2-channel Digital Coaxial or Toslink/Optical SPDIF input into an analog RCA stereo output. Ideal for both home and professional audio setups, this converter eliminates the need for expensive equipment upgrades to achieve compatible connections. It features separate Digital Coax and Toslink inputs for versatile conversion. Its compact design ensures easy installation in tight spaces without sacrificing audio quality. Additionally, this digital coaxial or Toslink to RCA converter supports effortless plug-and-play installation, saving you time and effort.

Connecting Modern Audio Sources to Older Stereo Equipment
- You can use this converter to connect newer audio devices like Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and gaming consoles, which typically output digital audio signals, to older stereo equipment that relies on analog RCA audio inputs. This enables you to use your existing analog stereo receiver or amplifier with modern audio sources.

Maintaining Sound Quality
- The converter allows you to maintain sound quality when converting digital audio signals to analog. It ensures that you can enjoy high-quality audio playback on your older stereo system without any loss of audio fidelity.

Extending Digital Audio Signals
- You can also use this converter to extend the reach of your digital audio source. For example, if your digital audio source is located far from your analog stereo equipment, this converter can bridge the gap and deliver the audio signal in an analog format to your receiver or amplifier.

Main Feaitures

■ Dual-Digital-Inputs: Works with both Digital Coaxial and Toslink audio inputs.
■ Analog Stereo Output: Converts digital audio to analog RCA stereo audio for older equipment.
■ Space-Saving Design: Compact size for easy installation even in tight spaces.
■ Easy Setup: Simple plug-and-play installation, no complicated steps.
■ 192Khz Audio: Maintains excellent sound quality with support for 24-bit audio and various sampling rates (32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz and 192Khz).
■ EAN: 5060957431031