DigitalLife MIDI-EX4 USB MIDI Extender Over Ethernet

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Model No.: MIDI-EX4
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The DigitalLife MIDI-EX4 4-Port USB MIDI extender extends any USB interfaced MIDI device such as Keyword, up to 50m from the location of your computer, eliminating the 16 feet distance limitation of USB. The USB MIDI sender and receiver units use one CAT-5 cable for extension. It is optimized for applications where two devices, such as the keyboard and mouse, must be operated remotely. The USB MIDI extender can even be used to extend surveillance cameras for security purposes. The USB MIDI Extender extends any MIDI device.

How It Works
The MIDI-EX4 USB MIDI extender sender unit is connected to the computer using the supplied USB cable. The remote peripheral(s) are connected to the receiver unit. A category-5 (CAT-5) cable is used to link the sender to the receiver.

The USB MIDI Extender Package Includes
1 x MIDI-EX4 extender send unit
1 x MIDI-EX4 extender receive unit
1 x User Manual

1 x The USB MIDI sender and receiver were designed to operate on USB enabled
computers and systems. DO NOT attempt to use this equipment with any other type of
1 x Only dedicated Category 5 UTP type cable (CAT-5) is recommended for this
application (pin to pin). Shielded CAT-5 cables are recommended for long distances to
protect your signal from EMI.
1 x The length of cable used to connect the USB MIDI Extender MUST NOT EXCEED 50m.

■ Extends any USB device up to 150 feet (45 meters) using CAT-5 cable
■ Requires no external power adapter
■ Provides support for any full-speed 12 Mb/s or low-speed 1.5Mb/s USB device
■ Use either PC or Mac with USB keyboard/mouse
■ Ideal for USB MIDI interface devices

Hardware Installation
■ Place the USB MIDI Receiver unit close to the USB devices at the re mote end.
■ Connect the USB devices to the USB MIDI Receiver unit.
■ Place the USB MIDI Sender unit close to the host computer.
■ Connect the USB MIDI Sender unit to the USB MIDI Receiver unit using the desired
length of CAT5 cable.
■ Connect the USB-MIDI unit to the host computer using the USB cable. This connection should be made last.

Gefen EXT-USB-MIDI Specifications

Shipping Weight 0.8 kg
USB Input type B
USB Output type A
Link Connector RJ-45
USB Device Support full-speed 12 Mb/s Low-speed 1.5 Mb/s