DigitalLife Ground Loop Noise Isolator - 3.5mm TRS Hum Eliminator (GI35-A)

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Brand: DigitalLife
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Model No.: GI35-A
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DigitalLife GI35-A Ground Loop Interference is a common nuisance that can afflict various electronic devices, including Audio Systems, Sound Eequipment, TVs, and Computers. It occurs due to differences in electrical potential between these devices, leading to circulating currents and the unwelcome noise often heard as buzzing or interference. The DigitalLife Ground Loop Noise Isolator is a versatile and effective solution for combating Ground Loop Noise in a wide range of portable audio setups. This isolator is compatible with a wide spectrum of audio and video equipments, such as Amplifiers, Speakers, TVs, Computers, and even Smartphones.

This Audio Noise Reducer ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted audio playback and recording experiences. The Ground Loop Hum Eliminator is your answer to eliminating or greatly reducing this disruptive interference. With its sleek black finish and compact form factor, the Audio System Hum Eliminator effortlessly blends with your existing equipment.

Installing it is a Breeze – Simply connect it between your audio or video source and destination, and experience an immediate reduction in unwanted noise. No complex configurations are required. Crafted with durability in mind, the DigitalLife Ground Loop Noise Isolator is encased in a robust housing, capable of withstanding daily use.Bid farewell to the aggravating effects of ground loop noise and rekindle your enjoyment of crystal-clear sound and visuals with the DigitalLife Electrical Hum Reducer. Elevate your audio and video experience today with the DigitalLife Ground Loop Noise Isolator.

■ Effective Ground Loop Noise Elimination: This isolator effectively eliminates ground loop noise, caused by variations in electrical potential between devices, ensuring interference-free audio playback and recording.
■ Versatile 3.5mm Compatibility: Designed for devices with 3.5mm audio connections, it's compatible with mobile devices, laptops, headphones, portable speakers, and more.
■ Easy Installation: Simple and hassle-free installation—connect it between your audio source and destination for instant noise reduction, without complex configurations.
■ Compact and Sleek Design: The isolator's sleek black finish and compact design seamlessly integrate into any setup, harmonizing both aesthetically and functionally with existing equipment.
■ Durable Build with 2-Year Warranty: Encased in a robust and durable casing, this isolator is designed for long-lasting performance and reliability. Plus, it comes with a reassuring 2-Year Warranty for added peace of mind.