DigitalLife 5-In/2-Out MIDI Merge Box - 5-Pin DIN, Merge-5

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Model No.: MERGE-5
Regular price $59.99 USD
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The DigitalLife Merger-5 merges all MIDI messages appearing at its 5 x MIDI inputs to its two MIDI outputs. All MIDI message types are merged, including System Exclusive, MIDI Clock, and MIDI Time Code messages. A fast merging algorithm ensures that all MIDI data is processed accurately with the minimal possible delay.

The DigitalLife Merger-5 Requires External Power Supply (5V,500mA). or simply suggest to use Mobile's Type-A Socketed Power Adapter.


■ The perfect way to merge 5 x MIDI sources to a Single Destination. An easy and affordable solution to your MIDI routing issue
■ Interfaces: MIDI I/O - 5 x In, 2 x Out, 1 x USB Type-B Power Supply Socket
■ Merges MIDI data, including MIDI clock, MIDI Timecode, and SysEx(512KB), with minimal latency
■ Power by 1 x USB Type-B Socket (Nearly 500mA of Bus Power, So external Power Adapter is Not Included.)
■ Robust aluminum housing
■ Dimensions: 115 x 73 x 33 mm
■ Product Weight: 210 g | EAN: 712195287561
■ Backed by a 2-Year DigitalLife Warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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Understanding MIDI In/Out/Thru

MIDI is a single-direction communications protocol. Therefore, a single MIDI jack can either transmit or receive MIDI data. To send MIDI from a keyboard to your computer, connect the keyboard’s MIDI Out jack to your MIDI interface’s MIDI In jack. MIDI Thru was found on keyboards when extensive MIDI daisy chains were common and latency was an issue. Back then, a device’s MIDI Out would not necessarily reproduce what came in on the MIDI In jack. To send MIDI on to another device in the series, you’d connect the MIDI Thru of the first sound module to the MIDI In of the next.