DigitalLife MIDI-EXT100 1-Port MIDI-USB Extender Over CAT5/6 Compatible with Windows 11 / macOS Ventura 13.2.1

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Model No.: MIDI-EXT100
Regular price $65.99 USD
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DigitalLife MIDI-EXT2-100 USB MIDI Extender Over CAT5/6
- Simply Extends MIDI Signals over a Single Ethernet Cable

The DigitalLife MIDI-EXT2-100 ( USB-MIDI-Extender ) is a practial and easiest tool to extend your USB Interfaced MIDI-Keyboard / MIDI Keyboard Controller or other USB Interfaced MIDI Devcies' Signals to upto 100 Meters away from the location of your Computer, which eliminating the 5-Meter distance limitation of USB. The USB MIDI sender and receiver units use one *** CAT-5 or higher cable for extension. It is optimized for applications where two devices, such as the MIDI Keyboard Controller, MIDI Synthesizer etc, must be operated Remotely. With the DigitalLife MIDI-EXT2-100, there is no need compliated settings, configurations like RTP-MIDI etc. It's full Plug & Play which saving your time on MIDI devices' deployment.

Important - Only dedicated Category 5 UTP type cable (CAT-5) is recommended for this application (pin to pin). Shielded CAT-5 cables are recommended for long distances to protect your signal from EMI.

 Main Features

■ Ideal Signal USB-MIDI Interfaced Devices Transmission & Receiving Method - Time Saving, Simple Connection, Cost Effective
■ Extends USB-Interfaced MIDI Keyboard Controller etc Using CAT-5 or Higher Cable Upto 50 - 100 Meters.
■ Important - The MIDI-EXT100 Does Not Works with Network Router / Switches ( IP/TCP ).
■ Plug and Play, w/o Any Driver Installation to the USB-MDI Extender.Or Even No External Power Supply to the Extender.
■ Compatiable with Windows 11 / macOS Ventura 13.2.1 or Ubuntu OS
■ EAN - 5060957430348