DigitalLife MIDI-A01 | USB-C MIDI Interface with Indicators

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Model No.: MIDI-A01
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The Digitallife MIDI-A01 USB-C 1X1 MIDI interface is a complete USB-C-to-MIDI solution, equipped with a USB-C connection to a computer and a 1-in-1 out 16-channel MIDI connection to MIDI devices. The USB-C-MIDI interface cable is the easiest way to connect a keyboard to a computer, and it can instantly transfer MIDI data. Simply plug the USB-C end into your computer and the MIDI end into your keyboard to access an unlimited number of programs, software, and MIDI devices to expand your musical creativity. You can also save and edit songs on your computer.

How to USE MIDI USB Cable
Turn off the MIDI musical instrument and laptop before connecting
Connect plug marked as "IN" of MIDI USB cables to MIDI OUT interface of MIDI devices,and the "OUT"of MIDI USB cables to MIDI IN interface of MIDI keyboard
Plug the MIDI USB cables into your laptop
Open your music software program, Set the music programs MIDI in & out devices to "USB Audio Device"so that your can transfer your MIDI data via you MIDI USB cables
This Midi USB cables support music editors software including CUBASE,FL,ect