DigitalLife USB MIDI Host - UHOST-I, 5 Pin DIN MIDI Interface

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Model No.: UHOST-I
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The DigitalLife UHOST-I USB MIDI Host is a practical device designed for Musicians, Performers, and Recording Engineers, offering a straightforward way to Convert USB Interfaced MIDI devices to traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI devices without the need for a computer. The UHOST-I  provides you with a convenient way to connect USB Interfaced MIDI devices, such as MIDI-Keyboards, Controllers to traditional 5-PIN MIDI devices like Hardware Synthesizers and Sound Modules. Operating the UHOST-I  is straightforward. Simply connect your USB MIDI device to the UMH-10's USB port, and it will automatically convert USB MIDI data and transmit it to the 5-pin DIN MIDI port. This makes it compatible with most class-compliant USB MIDI devices, eliminating the need for drivers.

Whether you're a music production Professional, Performer, or Music Enthusiast, the UHOST-I  caters to your needs. Additionally, the UHOST-I  is well-suited for studio environments, allowing you to easily control and arrange various musical elements during recording. As one of the leading suppliers of audio and MIDI accessories, DigitalLife is committed to delivering high-quality tools for professionals and creators. The UHOST-I  embodies our spirit of continuous innovation, aiming to provide more convenient music production solutions. We will continue to strive for innovation, bringing creators more efficient and innovative products to support their success in digital music creation. Now, with the DigitalLife UHOST-I , you can effortlessly bridge the gap between USB MIDI devices and traditional MIDI equipment, unlocking the potential for music creation wherever you are, and whenever you're inspired to express your musical creativity.

Main Features

■ Seamless MIDI Conversion: The UHOST-I provides a seamless way to convert MIDI data from USB MIDI devices to traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI devices. This conversion happens effortlessly without the need for complex configurations.
■ Driver-Free Compatibility: It is compatible with most class-compliant USB MIDI devices, eliminating the hassle of installing drivers. Simply plug and play, and your MIDI equipment is ready to use.
■ Studio-Ready: Designed with musicians and recording engineers in mind, the UHOST-I is well-suited for studio environments. It allows for easy control and arrangement of musical elements during recording sessions.
■ Versatile Connectivity: Whether you're using MIDI keyboards, controllers, or other USB interfaced MIDI devices, the UHOST-I offers versatile connectivity options to traditional MIDI hardware, such as hardware synthesizers and sound modules.
■ Professional-Grade Quality: As a product from DigitalLife, a leading supplier of audio and MIDI accessories, the UHOST-I is built to meet the high standards of professionals and creators, ensuring reliability and durability in your music production setup.

 - Compatibility - 
Standard MIDI compliant devices are supported. Some Complex MIDI devices use a built-in USB Hub. These MIDI devices are not supported and will NOT work with our USB HOST Module. You can determine if your device has a built-in hub by running the free Windows program USB Tree Viewer. If, when you plug in your MIDI device, it appears as a new hub plus one or more devices then it will not work with our USB Host Module.

Documents Download

■ UHOST-I Multi-language Manual