DigitalLife Single-Channel XLR Audio Ground Loop Noise Isolator - Metal, XLR-A600

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The DigitalLife XLR-A600 Noise Isolator is used to remove Ground-Loop hum from signals in virtually any sound application where line level signal is carried via XLR connections. With high quality XLR cables, connect the DigitalLife XLR-A600 between your source device and your destination input. DigitalLife recommends having the DigitalLife XLR-A600 near your destination device (3 ft. or less cable is best). We've all been there before. You spend hard-earned money and hours of your time selecting just the right components and putting together a great sound system. You get everything hooked up, plug it in and fire it up and BAM! That dastardly hum rears its ugly head. It's not just an audiophile issue. It happens anywhere you might want to install high quality sound. Lucky for you, DigitalLife has introduced solutions for virtually any type of setup in which you might encounter this pernicious foe. Using world-renowned Jensen transformers, the Iso-Max line of products kills the hum without killing your sound quality. Simply insert the Iso-Max unit into your signal path, and voilà! Hum is out, and clean luscious sound is all that's left. Enjoy!


■ Suitable for a wide range of setups, including home theaters, mobile audio systems, pro audio installations, and commercial sound systems, where high-quality sound is essential.
■ Designed to remove ground-loop hum from audio signals, ensuring optimal audio quality in various sound applications using XLR connections.
■ Connect the isolator between your source device and destination input using high-quality XLR cables, ensuring optimal performance.
■ Operating passively, this isolator eliminates the need for external power or batteries, simplifying setup and maintenance.
■ Built with rugged construction, the XLR-A600 is designed for long service life, providing a dependable solution for audio professionals. Backed by a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.


■ Hum / Ground Loop Eliminator for line level XLR
■ Passive design means no power or batteries needed
■ Rugged construction for long service life
■ Input Impedance: 600 ohms
■ Isolation Impedance: DC 1000V, 100 MOhm
■ Isolation Voltage: AC 50Hz-60Hz, 0V-1500V

Experience pristine audio quality and eliminate ground loop noise interference with the DigitalLife XLR-A600 XLR Ground Loop Noise Isolator. Crafted with precision and designed to meet the demands of professional audio setups, this metal-clad isolator is your solution for crystal-clear sound.

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