DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone

 DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone

The boundary microphone from DigitalLife is possibly one of the most in-demand devices on the market today. Since we have gotten engrossed in the world of online presentations, lectures, and meetings, microphones have become a must-have item on our shopping list as well as a wish-list item.

Since it features a flat surface similar to what we used to see on stereos, this built-in microphone appears to be a speaker. In addition, this device possesses exceptional condensing capabilities, which means it can be used to correct crooked vocal issues.

Product Details Overview

Brand: DigitalLife
Color Variation: Black only
Connector Type: 3.5 mm | USB
Connectivity Options: USB
Power Source: AA Batteries
Audio Sensitivity: 58 dB
Devices Compatible: Mac, Ubuntu, and Desktop
Item Weight: 220 grams. 

About DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone

1. It has No Speaker = No Echo

Since this boundary microphone does not include a speaker, it is ideal for conferences, gaming, online meetings, Microsoft Teams, and live streaming. In contrast to conventional stereos, it does not produce excessive echoes.

2. USB Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone

The item's pickup pattern is unidirectional, implying that it can pick up sound from all directions around the item's circumference. The microphone can record speakers who are within three meters of the microphone.

3. It Has Volume and Mute Controls

You can control the product easier if you use this feature. You will not have to go through the struggle of opening an application on your device and searching for the settings. To quickly modify the level and mute, use this button. Those who participate in online meetings will find this function extremely useful.

4. It has a Wide Brand Compatibility Pool

The device is broadly compatible with desktop computers and laptop computers running the Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It is also adaptable with the Mac system. It is equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo jack, allowing you to enjoy a light recording and presenting environment. 

5. It has a Wide App Compatibility Pool

The DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone has excellent compatibility with the following applications: YouTube Recording, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and other software programs, among others. The product is the ideal partner for podcasting, voice chatting, streaming, video conferencing, and various other applications.

The Problem Solved by The Product 

Have you ever been irritated when your voice sounded distorted during a virtual presentation? That, even though you're speaking clearly, the sound of your voice on the other end of the connection is much different? In this situation, it is not you who is the source of the problem, but your microphone.

As you may know, the traditional microphones that we use amplify our speech to be heard across a greater distance. Meanwhile, the microphones that we use in our electronic devices are constructed differently. Instead of strengthening our sound, they absorb it and relay it to a network of receivers.

So, how does DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone work? 

Like a condenser microphone, this product has capacitors that allow an enhanced quality of sounds. It is once most commonly used in music rooms because of its capability to record and send your voice in the most authentic way possible. The sound produced by boundary microphones is more natural but with a flatter frequency response. 

Product Reviews

A total of 4.4 stars were granted in the overall review of Digital Life's Boundary Microphone, indicating that it is extremely useful. Considering how well the product performs in its intended function, many buyers believe it to be a fortunate find. Some people are amazed by the item's weight due to its small appearance. However, this was already stated in the specifications. In general, more than 95% of consumers were pleased with the product.

Where Can You Use the DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone

This was briefly explained earlier, but allow this section to clarify if you're still wondering about this. 


Consider your situation: you're an online video streamer who wants to provide high-quality content to your fans. You may have noticed that your followers have expressed concerns about your performance on the stream, such as They can't hear your voice, or you sound indistinct. You may rest assured that if you purchase this boundary microphone, your viewers will have a good time with you once more.


Meetings can be pretty stressful, especially when you have to speak and share your views with others. But there's nothing worse than arriving prepared just to have your microphone refuse to comply with your presentation. This is relatable for both online classes and business encounters. Don't forget to upgrade your old microphone to make a successful comeback.


Recordings are challenging to complete because they may necessitate a large number of takes. There are two scenarios in which you may need to retake a recording for the time being. Maybe you made a mistake during your performance, or that your microphone and you aren't getting along very well. Consider investing in a boundary microphone if you want to deliver a high-quality presentation.

Voice Chat

You might believe that good microphones aren't necessary for voice chats, but when you're missing the person you're talking to, you want to make up for it by allowing them to hear your voice in the most natural way possible. If you want to avoid a long-distance misunderstanding, be sure that you and your partner are able to communicate effectively.


To finish the full review regarding DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone, here's a conclusion: 


  • Product Application - The processing of this product is very smooth, and can reproduce high-quality voices more than other brands. It can record voices while lessening the background noise as well. 
  • Product Processor - The processors used in the item are of high quality considering how easy and fast it is to control. There are also metals, and matte plastics used to strengthen the product. 
  • Product Cord - The cord is not preferable for distant setups but since most desktops are just inches from the PC, it is just the perfect measurement. The housing is neatly shaped and there are no cast edges. 
  • Recording - During a test conducted, the product was put at the table and floor while there were people stepping. The results of the recording did not absorb the background noises - which is surprising




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