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Having a reliable audio tool is important, especially if you're a student or an employee. Since you will be attending meetings, calls, and video conferences often, you can't just resort to relying on your laptop's built-in microphone. Not only will it ensure sound quality, but it will also be more convenient and functional if ever you're in a somewhat noisy environment.

This is where DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone comes in. It's one of the top microphones you should consider if you're keen on upgrading your current audio setup. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about the said product in this article.

About DigitalLife ME1

DigitalLife ME1 was first released by DigitalLife in October 2021. It comes as a USB boundary microphone running on omnidirectional technology. This means that the sound receptors cover 360 and are not limited to just one side. Because of this, you can expect to be able to participate in meetings and conferences more comfortably.

To add, the device also ensures a notable audio performance through its 16-bit digital resolution, which is just enough to get and record the voices surrounding the device.

As for the design, the ME1 has a metal body. It is durable enough to withstand light shocks and falls. Similarly, the microphone has just the right size to be considered portable. Its dimensions come to only 9 by 9 by 4cm, while its weight totals 200mg. You can freely bring this to your school, office, or working space. This also makes it easy to transfer from place to place.

Overall, the DigitalLife ME1 will be perfect if you're a video content creator who needs to provide high-quality audio to your viewers, a student who needs to attend online classes and make audio-based reports regularly, or an employee required to make and present reports for the team.

DigitalLife ME1: Specifications and Features

For a better overview of what you can get from DigitalLife ME1, here is a list of the product's specifications and features:


For the specifications, refer to the following:

  • Device Dimensions (Without Cable): 9 by 9 by 4cm
  • Device Weight (Without Batteries): 220g
  • Connection Type: USB Cable
  • USB Cable Length: 100cm
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Digital Resolution: 16-bit
  • Audio Coverage: 3 meters maximum with 360 sound coverage
  • Impedance: 600 Ohms/120V/1-3 Watts (Unbalanced)
  • Frequency Range: 100 Hz to 16,000 Hz
  • Sound Sensitivity: 42dB
  • Signal-to-Noise: >60dB
  • Stereo Jack: 3.5mm

These specs are already ideal for basic to medium-advanced tasks. It will be enough to easily capture voice and separate background noise because of its high signal-to-noise ratio.

If you're worried about having a 16-bit digital resolution, rest assured that it already comes with great sound capacity. There will be no use in looking for a 32-bit, especially if you're only sticking to the earlier purposes.Moving on, here are the features that you can expect from the ME1:

Control Buttons

You can easily see the device's control buttons on the microphone's top housing. It is equipped with three main buttons: the Volume control, Audio button, and a Microphone button.

For the volume control, it comes in a traditional volume wheel. You can easily navigate it depending on how you want your current audio to be.

The audio button is reserved if you want to turn your audio on or off. It's in a touchscreen-like layout.

The microphone button, on the other hand, is just like the former, except that this turns your microphone on or off.

It's actually convenient that there are two separate functions for audio and microphone since meetings usually don't start immediately. Unlike other brands with an all-or-nothing function, the ME1 gives you full control over your microphone.

Headphone Compatibility

The DigitalLife ME1 comes with a 3.5mm jack. If you want to switch between having a boundary and a wearable microphone, you can easily do so by plugging in your preferred headphone. No specific model is indicated regarding compatibility, so it's safe to say that you can work with anything that has a 3.5mm jack.

Wide Compatibility

The microphone is compatible with desktop processing systems like Mac and Windows (7 up to the present). It will also work well with Ubuntu, which is less common but is still an advantage.

Similarly, the microphone itself is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C. This will be easy even if you need to change the cable type since it's removable from the unit.

How to Use the DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone

The DigitalLife ME1 works through a plug-and-play system. It's very to use, and probably the only thing you need to do is take the unit out of the box. All of the succeeding steps are clear from there. Even so, here are the steps that you need to follow:

• Plug in the included USB cable on both the microphone's USB jack and your PC. An LED indicator will light up for you to know that the connection is successful.
• Turn on the button for the microphone sound and audio, if required.
• Check the volume to see if it's to your liking.
• Start using the microphone for meetings.

If you want to test the audio, just turn to any video-based app. You can also consider plugging in your headphones if you plan on using them for your conferences.

Why Should You Buy DigitalLife ME1?

As you can see, the ME1 USB Boundary Microphone comes with a lot of pros. Below are some of the specific reasons why you should buy the product:

• The DigitalLife ME1 offers a more convenient yet still high-quality way of collecting audio from your side.
• It's easy to use the microphone since you won't need to install any additional software or drive platforms.
• ME1 comes with a number of ideal specs despite the relatively more budget-friendly price in the microphone market.

Honestly, the only con you may notice from the DigitalLife ME1 is its lack of a speaker. This isn't that big of a deal, though, if you're on a budget and your only priority lies on having a reliable audio receptor.


DigitalLife ME1 is a boundary microphone that you can easily use for your audio-related needs. Unlike wearable microphones, you only need to place this on a surface, and it will automatically collect nearby voices. It can even support up to a 3-meter distance.

The best thing about this is you don't have to be highly knowledgeable about technology just to use it. There's no need for additional installations and configurations. Since it has a USB connector, just plug it in your desktop, and you're good to go.

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