Digitallife ME1 | USB Boundary Microphone - An Unbeatable Replacement of Built-in Microphones

DigitalLife ME1 | USB Boundary Microphone

- An Unbeatable Replacement of Built-in Microphones


Are you tired and annoyed by your laptop’s internal mice? Do you often face mice problems when making a call or meeting?  Worry no more because DigitalLife has brought the latest ME1 USB boundary microphone for you to help you improve your sound quality while high-priority seminars, interviews, and lectures.


DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone is an omnidirectional USB microphone that makes it easier to convey your voice to your audience no matter if they are in your room or sitting miles away from you. With its CD-sound quality, you will never have to face any voice issues, and your audience will never have to ask you to speak louder so that they can understand you.

It's all-direction sound pickup feature makes it better than your laptop’s mice and fulfills all of the requirements that your device’s internal mice are unable to do.

But wait- there’s more!

With the DigitalLife ME1 USB microphone, you will never have to wait before using this microphone once you open your box. This microphone comes with a ready-to-use option,allowing easy usage without any extra effort. 

We are not through yet and need to know more about this latest boundary microphone, so let’s start.

    CD Quality Audio

With a DigitalLife ME1 microphone, you never have to worry about the sound quality because an outstanding CD-quality sound is going to give your sound an effect of reality without any glitches. Whether you are recording a lecture, delivering a speech in a hall, or on an online video call meeting, you will never have to worry about your sound quality. Your audience will hear what you say, and they will not have to get bored because of a lack of audio quality. Also, a sound free of any kind of glitches or echo will make your expression on your audience.

    Plug and Play Driver Free Design

Is it a dream for you that you can use an external microphone just after unboxing it? The aim is not impossible now because DigitalLife has developed the ME1 USB boundary microphone in such an intelligent way that you will never have to worry about installing any drivers or making any specific changes. All you have to do is unbox your boundary microphone, plug it in your laptop and start using it right away without any extra waiting.

This feature makes this boundary microphone most suitable for users with no professional information about microphone drivers and those who do not have extra time for additional changes to use a microphone.

    Omnidirectional Polar Pattern

Sitting in a round table meeting and the need to move the microphone to each person so that he can speak is not a good thing for any conference meeting instead, it creates a disturbance, thus limiting the cope of a session. Shifting the microphone to each participant will also waste a lot of time.

DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone is an omnidirectional polar pattern microphone. It has a 360 degree sound pick-up efficiency that does not require you to shift the microphone to each participant. Instead, you can just place this mike in the center of all the participants, and they can speak freely without worrying about the microphone. 

    Boundary Microphone

Boundary microphones are a more focused type of microphones to be used nowadays. The reason behind this is the compatibility of these mikes for a team and conference meeting as businesses are trying to improve themselves better through mutual communication.

DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone is also the same type of microphone that does not require you to keep it near your mouth while speaking. However, it can hear a participant’s voice from a more considerable distance, which makes it a suitable choice for a meeting where more than one speaker is present.

    16-bit A/D Converter

An A/D converter is one of the essential elements of a microphone as it is responsible for converting physical sound into digital signals. The 16-bit A/D converter in DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone gives a different quality to this microphone, enabling it to catch sound signals with high power and efficiently convert them into digital signals. 

The 16-bit converter allows this microphone to capture signals with high quality and thus convert them into a clear, echo-free sound.

    Compatible with Built-in Voice Recognition of Laptop

Using voice-recognition applications is very common as they make things and tasks easier for you, as you just have to speak a few words. The most important thing to use a voice-recognition application successfully totally depends on the quality of your microphone. Because a bad quality microphone will not recognize your voice efficiently, and sometimes it can also make false recognitions.

However, the DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone is appropriate and compatible to be used with your laptop’s voice recognition. It means that this microphone will professionally recognize your voice if you try to call your voice assistant.

    Appropriate Cable Length

One of the most common issues in any digital device is its short connecting cable length, which creates frustration because you have to keep the device’s power supply close to you. However, the DigitalLife microphone gives you a proper length cable so that you can place your laptop at a distance and easily connect your microphone without any extra effort. This feature is beneficial during debates and meetings.

    Mute Switch

A microphone with a mute switch is beyond fantastic because it is unnecessary to use your microphone all the time while it is connected to your laptop as there might be pauses in between debates, or you might have to take a sip of water.

DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone has a mute sensory button that enables you to switch off the microphone when it is not in use instead of plugging out the whole microphone when not in use and replugging it when needed.

Why DigitalLife ME1 USB Boundary Microphone?

There are several boundary microphones available in the market, so why would you prefer to purchase a DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone? It gives unbeatable features that you will not find in any boundary microphone; if somehow you happen to see them, it would be impossible to find all these features in a single boundary microphone.

Here are some of those features.

    3.5mm audio jack for external Speaker or Earphone

ME1 USB microphone comes with an audio jack that enables you to connect your earphone or external speaker. This feature is amazingly unique and valuable when this microphone is operated in large halls where your audience needs to hear you out.


So an audio jack to connect speakers will allow you to connect speakers and let your audience hear you out!

     Sensor-Touch Design Buttons

A microphone with mechanical buttons is annoying because whenever you try to make some changes using those buttons, all of your audience will hear that. If you are recording your lectures, the microphone will also record the sound of clicking those buttons.

However, DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone comes with sensor-touch design buttons to avoid additional button pressing voices.

    Plastic anti-slip Feet

While you are in a meeting or making a debate to a large audience, there are chances that sometimes your microphone may slip down or the speaker’s moving hands can throw the microphone down.

However, the DigitalLife ME1 USB microphone is designed in such a way that its plastic anti-slip feet never allow it to slip down or fall off.

So it works stable on a flat desk.

    Volume Button to Control Sound

The main drawback in other boundary microphones is that unless you had them located right near your mouth, the sound to others came out quite soft. So the only solution to this is a volume button on the microphone to adjust the projected sound level.

DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone does have a volume button that you can use to control your voice no matter if the microphone is placed near your mouth or not.




     Pick-up Voice Even from a Mask

     Suitable for Large Rooms

Our Final Thought

DigitalLife ME1 USB boundary microphone is an appropriate and affordable microphone that beats your laptop’s internal microphone with outstanding features.

You might purchase a microphone and wish to use it as soon as possible, but what if you have to install drivers or make changes in the settings of your laptop so that you can make your microphone work? Of course, it is an annoying situation and initially gives you a feeling of a waste of your money if somehow you do not understand how to use it.

But with this microphone, you will never have to be frustrated or be a pro because you can just insert your microphone into your laptop and just start speaking!

So what are you waiting for?

Just grab your microphone and start rocking with it. (





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