DigitalLife Launches MIDIPHILIER II 4i/4o MIDI Interface

At the end of 2022, DigitalLife developed their 2nd generation 4i/4o MIDI Interface - MIDIPHILIER  II . It is a perfect MIDI device for music creators since it featured a 3-in-1 function MIDI box.

The DigitalLife MIDIPHILER II is more than a simple 4i/4o USB MIDI Interface. At Stand-Alone mode it can work as a MIDI Splitter ( MIDI Thru )- or a MIDI Merge Box. Simply power it from USB interface and select the mode you want using the dedicated mode switch button. You can use it as a 2-4 merge or 1-4 split box. All of the functions switching is simply by the Switch Button.

The MIDIPHILER II comes with solid and elegant aluminum housing and with 8 port status LEDs and 1 X mode button to meet your versatile daily working. Because the Multiple MIDIPHILER II units can be used at the same time to expand the number of MIDI ports.

This makes it the perfect solution if you have only one MIDI input on a device (i.e. a computer or a sound module) but need to combine MIDI signals from multiple sources (i.e. a master keyboard, a hardware sequencer, a guitar-to-MIDI converter, etc.). 

High Lights

■ MIDI-USB 4i/4o, Thru 4i/4o, Merger 2i/4o
■ Powered by USB Type-B ( * )

 8-port Status LEDs & 1 x Mode Switch Button