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MIDI Interface, MIDI Merger, MIDI Thru, MIDIPHILER II, UMB06, USB MIDI Hub -

At the end of 2022, DigitalLife developed their 2nd generation 4i/4o MIDI Interface - MIDIPHILIER  II . It is a perfect MIDI device for music creators since it featured a 3-in-1 function MIDI box. The DigitalLife MIDIPHILER II is more than a simple 4i/4o USB MIDI Interface. At Stand-Alone mode it can work as a MIDI Splitter ( MIDI Thru )- or a MIDI Merge Box. Simply power it from USB interface and select the mode you want using the dedicated mode switch button. You can use it as a 2-4 merge or 1-4 split box. All of the functions switching is simply by...

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